Red Cross Dress 2 - I need tight, stretchy outfits because my boobs are so big!

Heya there everyone!  I have another new HD video for you today and it is one of those where you really get a good sense of why I have to buy tight, stretchy outfits to shoot in, because my boobs are so big that they really do not fit in much else.  ;-)  I am always on the lookout for the stretch tops that can pull down or up with relative ease and even then it doesn't always work. Fortunately for me (and you) this one was perfect and did exactly the job I needed it to do.  xoxoxo -- Rachel

Screenshots from this Video
Lord above Rachel - I could walk up and down stairs all day to that sight!! WHAT boobs, WHAT a bum, WHAT legs, WHAT a figure!!
Posted by the69don
Posted by dave4567
Wow, great video! Love the bit on the stairs where you lean back, very sexy! You should do more of that! Also love that you can see the veins across your chest - somehow that just makes you even sexier! More please!
Posted by anthony
outstanding, what a fine english babe
Posted by Dave80
You always look stunning in a red dress Rachel. I know "stunning" is a word that often gets overused but I really mean it. The first time I ever saw you was in a Christmas shoot for Pinup Files from around 2008 and you were wearing a red dress in that shoot too and you looked lovely beyond words. You looked so sweet and pretty in that dress and then when the dress came off I nearly had a heart attack. My heart was pounding like crazy when I saw you topless for the first time. Also (in case it h

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