Webcam #134

Hey there everyone!  It has been a little while since I was last on webcam here for Webcam Wednesday and do I have a surprise for you because my big boobs are getting bigger yet AGAIN!  They are truly massive in this one, as you will very easily be able to see once I get this bra of of them.  This thing does not even fit them anymore as they have gotten bigger than they have ever been before in my life.  As you can see when I take it off, they are pretty packed in there and it actually feels really good to unleash them a bit and set them free and rub them down like this.  A good massage on really big boobs can do wonders! xoxoxo -- Rachel

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Posted by Zoomi62
Wow even bigger boobs! Is this a gift you were expecting this year? You know we all love you here, and it's very pleasing to see the pups growing bigger still. I know it's burden you are forced to bear, bare!? I for one am a master breast therapist able to free you from any discomfort and provide you with orgasm from nipple to nipple. Not even your's would be too great a task, you would simply be adored.
Posted by rightwinger
Dear Rachel,
It would also be nice seeing you enjoying fondling your own breast. Seeing the restrain marks left from the bra; I quess the bra is very binding for there are bra welts on your breast.
Posted by iant929
Wow Rachel they certainly look bigger, please
can we have a measuring sequence. Love you.
Posted by unchart3
i love the part where she says "I hope your having sweet dreams about me" I felt like that quote was for me lol and indeed I did too ;-)
Posted by michael5150
Hi. For a long time I thought myself in love with you. I realize this is nonsense. I have a girlfriend well sort of but it is long distance and I think she's cheating on me. But I shouldn't be disclosing my private life with a stranger. Thanks for your work. I study it continually. I'm a photographer by the way and when I'm studying your body very often I don't even have an erection. Other times though I do have to offload lol. I'm only human. X

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